ben 10 party


All little boys suddenly want to be a young superhero who can turn into a cool alien at the drop of a hat. Who wouldn’t want to do that from time to time? Such a useful skill could get a kid out of all sorts of scrapes, a bit like having an imaginary friend when you are preschool age. The imaginary friend is like the child’s alter ego, the one that puts the kid up to all sorts of mischief, the one who can conveniently get the blame for dying the dog’s tail green with some gruesome food colouring whilst nobody is looking, the one who broke the delicate flower vase on the window sill as it was playing space aliens.

Ben 10 has all these escapist qualities, and is so appealing to children. Ben Tennyson is actually 10 years old, and so appeals to children around that age and much younger, kids are interested in him because of his ultra cool powers. Ben 10 discovers a device which enables him to do great things like that old gem, saving the world from the evil guys, and so he is very much in favour with parents everywhere, as he is squeaky clean and an all round good guy, setting an excellent example of generosity to his small fans.

If your son is about to have a birthday, and you are planning to throw a party for some of his friends, a Ben 10 party makes a great theme to plan around. All of the guests will instantly thrill at the thought of being invited to a Ben 10 party and so you are definitely on to a winner right from the word go. The Ben 10 games party theme can start with a set of 20 invitations with a great energetic design, guaranteed to make all of the guests desperate to get started. A great idea is a fancy dress party along the theme of Ben 10.

This gives the guests the chance to dress up as green aliens, monsters and scary things in general, and so a convincing disguise will be easy to achieve. Once the acceptance have been collected you can prepare for the big Ben 10 Party itself, and the best way to avoid having a heap of washing up to do after it is all over bar the tears is to buy disposable plates, cups and bowls. Ben 10 party supplies include a set of 16 paper napkins, colourfully designed with the little tearaway superhero doing super-heroic things. With the addition of 8 Ben 10 party plates and cups you almost have the food table organised.

A Ben 10 party tablecloth measures 137mm x 259cm and as it is made from plastic, can easily be wiped clean and reused. It will make the food table very inviting for the guests as they get stuck in to all that party food. A pack of 6 Ben 10 party balloons tied to each guest’s chair will dress the whole thing up beautifully, and each child can take their balloon home with them. Of course, you have to have a party bag stuffed full of exciting goodies to take home too, otherwise this Ben 10 party will go down in history as a dead loss. Some Ben 10 party bubbles will go down well, as will a noisy Ben 10 party blowout.

Along with a slice of birthday cake each, the going home presents for the guests can be placed in a special Ben 10 party bag. The room in which the Ben 10 party is going to take place can be enhanced and instantly transformed into the Ben 10 party centre of the universe with a funky Ben 10 party banner, which measures a huge 5 yards long. Pin it to the wall, or across your front gate or door and announce to all those people out there who are looking for the Ben 10 party that here is the place to be.

If you think that your artistic skills are up to it, a great addition in keeping with the Ben 10 party theme is to provide some face painting for the little guys. All you will need is a couple of pictures to copy of Ben 10, his family or his alien disguises and a handy Party Pack Face Paints Kit and you have it all to hand. And for the Ben 10 party boy himself a special Ben 10 party Birthday Balloon filled with helium, tied to his party chair, will make him feel ultra special. The birthday boy will love his Ben 10 party and so will all of his friends. The next thing you know, the invitations will be flooding in for your little socialite to go to yet another Ben 10 party too.


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